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US Marketing Corp. specializes in Distribution and Export of Building and Construction Materials, Equipment, Replacement Parts as well as Machinery and Supplies for Oil and Gas, Auto and Trucking Industries, Defense Equipment Parts and Industrial Machinery.

With over twenty five years of expertise and experience in this work, we are able to provide competitive, efficient, reliable and trustworthy service to our customers. The company is prepared to handle all aspects of the U.S. exporting process including sourcing, purchasing, sales, marketing, packing, logistics, shipping, Documentation, Banking and Insurance.

US Marketing Corp.
today is selling products and services in North America, South America, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

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US Marketing Corp. has many years of sourcing, supplying and exporting all types of Building Materials as well as Construction Equipment, Machinery Parts, Industrial Parts and Supplies for the Oil and Gas Industry to the Middle East, West Indies, South American and West African markets. Our prices are very competitive.

We have Associated offices in Canada, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, India, and West Indies. We have associated companies who can supply from UK/Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Japan, Spain, Brazil and West Indies/Caribbean.

US Marketing has very good connections with shipping companies and Airlines and can give good freight rates both by Ocean and Air with Maersk Mediterranean Shipping, Kuwait Airways, Caribbean Airlines, Safmarine, Etc., Tropical Shipping, C.P./Lykes Shipping as well as American Airlines. Shipping is out of New York, Baltimore, Miami, New Orleans, Houston or whichever port is most economical and quickest. Our subsidiary US Shipping and Forwarding Co. handles Shipping and Forwarding work.

With over twenty five years in Shipping, Insurance and Exporting and acting as our own Forwarding Agents, US Marketing is able to provide International Customers complete ,reliable and competitive all inclusive Export Import Services

client base

The US Marketing Corp. and Associated Firms client base ranges from Global Corporations, Utility Companies, and Government Institutions, through private and public establishments, development companies, and commercial organizations, and private individuals.

We cater to owners, developers, architects, consultants, and contractors.

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